Back to EDrums                             Pacific Chameleon with a Boardz type trigger.

          This works well. The next generation will have a better feel.


Assembled view of the kick, head installed. 

Here I removed the black felt (for looks) and you see 3/4 inch of poly foam. This is realy 3 1/4 inch layers, but a single 3/4 inch layer would work out better.

The kick without the sound control system for the real head. The supports mount to the lug screws. Notice the mesh head on the back of the kick.

A different look at the mounting of the trigger plate. On my next design I will use 1 inch of foam and no mouse pad layer.

Head removed. Remo sound control assembly shown..

Here I have removed the foam. This is a piece of 1/8 inch hard board riveted to the sound control ring. This Idea is from the Hybrid design on

3/4 inch foam over mouse pad attached to a reflection plate of .080 Aluminum. Rubber isolation mounts attach the plate to the supports.

Here is an older picture of the trigger plate from the back. Piezo is glued on with Goop adhesive.