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I never expected them to work this well. "I am so contented!!!!".


Top View of the pad, head installed. The head is a Remo coated Ambassador (just like the Yamaha).

Showing the thickness of the top foam layer 1/4 inch thick (Acquell), and bottom layer of 1/2 inch thick (Confor) energy absorbing slow response foam. It is from McMaster-Carr (who else).

My version of the adjusting pot PCB. Bits and pieces from Digi-Key and Radio Shack. The small PCB brackets are Aluminum and Sharpie  pen anodized. What ever works right?

Here is my Chameleon (The Yamaha snare works so well I kept it on the kit). The 14 inch tom is pushing it, towards the edges its weak, but it is a tom so what the heck, hit it in the zone and it is sweet too. Next I have to figure out a good way to clean up my cables. My cat likes them the way they are, but they look bad. I still have open  inputs for another dual zone tom and several other mono triggers. Hmmm what to add, what to add.

A picture of me and one thing I love much more than drums. 

A view of the pad with the bottom head installed. I could put an ebony on this, or even a Hart mesh at some time in the future.

Not as clean as my Yamaha, but 100% functional. I think it feels and sounds better but I may be partial. I used the larger 35mm Piezo in the center just because I had them. Rim is the 27mm unit.

Rim shot piezo is mounted on a block of 1/8 in thick Sorbothane. The extra glue is for strain relief. The rubber blocks on the brackets are 1/2 inch Sorbothane. The reflection plate is .080 Aluminum.

An updated view of the Clonez, and my Boardz based kick. The kick now has a real head too. It still doesn't feel right, I need different foam behind the head. Notice that the snare is now a converted Chameleon. It works great, feels great, and looks better than the Yamaha. Life is Good!

The Axis Pedals?... They are nice!