This is my finish lathe. It is based on a design by JDW (Jerry Wilson) see more JDW designs at

This shell is in progress. I need to fine wet sand and polish it up.

I usually put the raw shell on the lathe and do all sanding and finishing on the lathe.


A better look at the bushings and high tech (not) mounting method I used.


End plates mount the shell. I use a home made router compass to cut the outside diameter and the rabbit that fits into the shell.

I added a high tech tool rest to my basic design (I call it a stick). This is used to mark and cut shells.


Using the tool rest as a steady, I mark my shell where I want to make the edge cut.

After marking a the cut, I use another high tech device known as an Ice Pick or an Owl to scribe a cut line.

Go easy at first, then deeper to make a pronounced groove.


This is the High Tech cutoff tool I used. A Dove Tail saw.

To use the cutoff tool, just run it in the groove till it cuts off the piece of shell you don't want attached.

Here is a picture of the motor that drives my little lathe (no, not the Timex).

Hope this all helped.