LLP on Essential Oil


First things first, LLP = Lou’s Little Primer. I knew you would like that.Ok so here we go with my rambling brain dump on essential oil. Keep in mind that this is a jumping off point, not an all conclusive coverage of the topic.

 Web Sites

 This is among my favorite sources of oils. They are helpful and local to me (they are in Corona ) if I have a problem, I call or email and they fix it. They are my Go To place. I have high satisfaction level with the oils I have gotten here. There have been a couple of the oils that I was most unhappy with, and one was quite expensive. So, a simple solution is for any of the pricy stuff, order a sample vile, and if it is what you like, go for a larger size. The number of different oils they carry grows all the time. They now have Mugwort also. Silky Scents is a highly recommended supplier of essential oil.

 I have ordered from this source many of times. They have a minimum order required to avoid a service charge, but their prices are lower so it tends to offset that. Just don’t order very small orders from here. I have a very high satisfaction level with their products and I suspect many smaller sites order bulk from this source (kind of a derived conclusion based on trying to find a frankincense oil I liked) but the shipping from Canada is slow and the minimum charge is a thing. But their prices are great. If you are on the right hand side of the US this may be a good source for you. I still order a lot of my oils from them. At least 1/2 of my oils are from this source, and there products are pretty stable from order to order. Over time I have learned this is not true of all suppliers.

 I have made several purchases from Mountain Rose Herbs. I like their products, and they have a very wide selection of herbs and other products. I have some of their incense making supplies, what fun, what wonderful scents. My list would certainly not be complete without this source. I consider them more a herb supplier now than an oil supplier.

 I have only ordered one thing from Cheryl’s Herbs and I was 100% satisfied with my purchase. This is one of only a couple of sources I have found for Mugwort EO, and I just love Mugwort. The Mugwort from Cheryl’s is just beautiful!

This also is a source for more than just EO. Cheryl is also a noted and recognized authority on EO and Herbal applications. She is friendly and answered my email when I had questions.

 I do not mean to offend, but Oh My God! Their Ylang Ylang is the only Ylang Ylang as far as I am concerned. It is expensive, but throwing away crap is more expensive. Oh I wish I had stopped by their shop when I was in Sedona. Try them, they just ROCK!

P.S. I suspect that they get some of their product from newdirections (the Frankincense experiment). But I still get my Ylang Ylang from them.

 I buy various non oil things from this source. It is a great source for glassware and equipment.

It is largely affiliated with Young Living. Their products all seem to be of high quality, I have been very satisfied with my purchases from this source. I continue to buy my glassware from this source. Two thumbs up! (Can I say that without getting in trouble?).

 There are many other highly recommended sources for EO’s. I have not tried them because it has not been necessary. I find sources I like and I use them. If I need something else, I look around and try something new. It usually works out well.

 So that is it on the web links.




 I am a book junkie. If I spent as much time experimenting as I do reading I would be a full fledged mad scientist. There are a ton of books on essential oils. Here are a few I use.

The Aromatherapy Book

Applications and Inhalations

By Jeanne Rose

ISBN 1-55643-073-6


375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols

By Jeanne Rose

ISBN 1-883319-89-7

 These above 2 are my Go To Books on Essential Oils. I highly recommend them.


Quick Reference Guide for using Essential Oil.

By Connie and Alan Higley

ISBN 0-9706583-3-8


Essential Oils Desk Reference

By Essential Science Publishing

ISBN 0-943685-39-7


The above 2 books are pretty much Young Living reference guides.

I haven’t commented on Young Living yet, but I will (soon, I promise).

They have a lot of information in them, and I use them a lot for the GRAS information and formula compositions of Young Living Blends of oils. I use both books often in a limited fashion, and would not be without them. I don’t however, fully subscribe to the application information in them.


Plant Aromatics

By Martin Watt

 It is an expensive book, but not nearly as expensive as medical bills. This has information on the safe use of EO’s. I recommend reading this. You may consider borrowing someone’s copy before you decide to buy your own.

 Later addition, I consider this information to be somewhat alarmist. I am not an expert, but my empirical experimentation indicates that some of this info is kind of over the top. Don’t disregard it, I have heard of people dying from too much wintergreen oil (muscle liniment) but some things just don’t hold up. One Thumb up, One Thumb down. If Martin says something, I believe it until I conclude otherwise from my own experience. This should be taken as my positive recommendation of his publications.

 Young Living

You don’t talk about politics or religion in mixed company if you don’t like to argue. Well, I will add to that list, “You don’t talk about Young Living in mixed aromatherapy company unless you like to argue”.

Young Living is a multi level marketed supplier of essential oils. They have fantastic quality oils, which cost 3 to 5 times what they should cost. If you are a distributor for them they only cost twice as much as they should. BUT! Here is the deal. They are really good oils, and they have a ton of blends. I have several of their blends, which purchased at full price is still lower than buying the oils to roll my own blend. Therefore I think of YL as follows:

That is all I have to offer regarding YL.


Where Do You Start?

The web sites I mentioned above are good to check out. Cheryl’s Herbs has good starting info. She talks about what she considers her essential EO kit, and that is a good place to start. For me, I mostly use my EO’s to modify my mood a little, but I also use them for kicking a little cold virus butt from time to time. So I will list my go to oils, and discuss why I must have them. Oh, just a mental detour for a moment. Silky Scents has a lot of blend recipes on their site, be sure to check those out. Silky Scents also has descriptions of the oils they sell (the others supplier do too) which help me choose if I want that oil or not. One thing about EO’s is they are subtle (usually) If they are said to be calming, it is just that, but not like a stiff drink or anything like that. Don’t expect a drug reaction kind of effect. Except some of the cold virus butt kicker recipes work pretty darn well. I kid you not. They have dragged me out of the grips of the Flu virus on more than one occasion.


My Go To Oils

1.     Lavender

This is my basis oil. It is calming and settling to me, and has many topical application uses. It is number one, top of the heap, got to have. I like New Directions Lavender Population and Sonoma Lavender (great lavender).

2.     Clary Sage

This oil just settles me. It is not what I would have considered my favorite smell when I first got it, but now I don’t know what I would do without it. I use it often, it always settles me. By the way, it really does not taste very good, but then none of the EO’s I have tasted, taste very good. Be sure to have GRAS info on oils if you consider tasting them. Mostly just smell them.

3.     Ylang Ylang

This oil makes me feel a bit more friendly. It is considered aphrodisiac in smell by most references, and maybe the more friendly feel is from that. I just really like this smell. The best smelling Ylang Ylang I ever found is from Body Bliss of Sedona Az.

It cost an arm and a leg, but so does really good wine.

4.     Mugwort

I don’t think you will find Mugwort on anyone else’s top ten list but I just love this smell. This oil makes me feel more “friendly” than Ylang Ylang. I like to use this in blends as it is a bit strong by it’s self. Lots of people don’t like this smell.

5.     Patchouli Oil

This one is right up there with politics and religion. I love Patchouli, so sue me! It does have an interesting effect on the sense of smell. If you smell it once, it smells nice and strong (or terrible and strong if you are one of the other camp), the second smell will smell less strong, the third will not have much smell at all. Then if you walk out into a cold morning fresh air and take a smell, every thing will smell like Patchouli. It is good to mention that one drop of Patchouli on your person will be detectable by others even though you will not smell it. Don’t over do it if you use Patchouli and be aware that many people really hate this scent. Patchouli has strong psychological associative properties. I find that the people who like it, like it because it triggers pleasant memories, and people who hate it, hate it because it triggers unpleasant memories. A side note, Patchouli mixed with Peppermint Supreme tastes pretty darn good. Don’t ask why I know this, just go with it. Heck, I almost grew up in the 60’s!

Yea, I am an antique.

6.     Eucalyptus

I have several kinds, Lemon, Peppermint, Globulus, and Radiata. I find it a fantastic oil to kick a little cold virus butt! It needs to be mixed with other things though.

7.     Lemon

It does a lot of things, it is a very versatile oil, now my #2 after Lavender. It is great in a cold mix. I also think it is fantastic in a women’s perfume. Watch the safety data in using lemon on the person though.

8.     Australian Sandalwood

I don’t use Mysore Sandalwood (except in extremely selective applications) due to it being an endangered species, but the Australian variety is less endangered at this time. I use this in blends, it adds dimension to the blends. It is not something I would use as a standalone scent. It is now very costly.

9.     Tea Tree

I don’t know why this is so far down my list. It is a must have oil. It does so many good health things. It just smells really bad. Niaouli is said to be the more agreeable smelling substitute for Tea Tree, but I think it smells worse and I don’t know how to pronounce it (blush).

10.  Peppermint

It just ROCKS! For a stuffy head due to cold. And during cold season it is my best friend. This is one of the oils I was not happy with from Silky Scents. But they have since got two other peppermint oils which I have not sampled. My current favorite one is made by Triloka. I have a Peppermint Supreme from New Directions that is fantastic too. I suspect the Peppermint Supreme from Silky Scents would be good too.

Later addition. Peppermint is now in my top 5, it has so many benefits. It is one of the 3 that I keep handy at work.


Comments on Other Oils I have


Anise – Great Licorice smell, useful in hormone balancing mixes.

Basil  -  I just don’t like basil. I would rather sniff …. Well, something else. It is useful if you like it.

Benzoin Absolute – Smells so good, but I don’t know how to use it. Doesn’t dissolve except in

Alcohol (I used PGA) but it is still sticky when the alcohol evaporates. Not useful this way, but I have to have it. It needs to be there in flying oil. Maybe Peru Balsam could be used as a substitute.

Bergamot – Smells good, I got burned out on Earl Grey tea though so I don’t go for this much.

Black Pepper – I got it for a blend. I don’t like it, I would not buy a refill.

Blue Tansy – I see this in a lot of YL blends. I don’t like it and it cost a lot. Not recommended.

Cedar Wood Virginia – I like it a lot. Mix with oil, never use neat.

Cedarwood Atlas – Has more uses than Virginia , and a milder smell. It’s ok, it is a base oil.

Chamomile German – Many uses in the books. Smell ??yuck?? It is too new to comment on.

            OK, it is a blue oil, and I don’t like most blue oil. Sample it, you may be different than I.

Cinnamon – Smells great. Maybe for making Christmas stuff – I haven’t used it otherwise.

Clary Sage – I love clary sage. It is my number 2 or 3 oil.

Clove bud  - Used in some strong anti viral mixes I have seen (have one by YL). I like the smell.

Coffee – This was an impulse buy. It smells so good. Mixed with Vanilla… OMG!

Eucalyptus Citriodora – Lemon Eucalyptus – Beats the snot out of Citronella Very Useful Anti

Viral component.

Eucalyptus Globulus – A very pleasant smell, not so kick butt as the others.

Eucalyptus Peppermint – Woo Hoo! It kicks cold virus Butt! I like this stuff.

Eucalyptus Radiata – This is what Eucalyptus where I grew up smelled like (a bit like cat piss).

Fennel Sweet – This is so nice. A good substitute for Anise in hormone balancing blends.

Douglas Fir – Smells like a fir tree. Don’t know what to use it for though.

Fir Needle – Nicer smell than Douglas Fir. Good Christmas kind of smell.

Galbanum – I had to get it to know what it smells like. I can’t describe it, but I like it. Smells like

            very strong raw peas.

Grapefruit – You already know how this smells if you ever ate a grapefruit, nice and refreshing.

            It is an apatite suppressant based on recent articles I have read.  

Frankincense – It is sweet and spiritual and I don’t know how to describe it. I need it, I like some

            of them and don’t like others.

Jasmine – I got some I like from Body Bliss in a 10% mix. 10% on this is more than adequate.

Get a sample before buying, old Jasmine oil smells bad and is still EXPENSIVE!

Juniper Berry – Nice, bright and uplifting. I mixed it with Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Lavender – Got to have it. See above.

Lemon - Good stuff, many uses, smells great on a woman.

Lemon Myrtle – Nice smelling. Smells like Lemon Pledge!

Mace – It has a nutmeg cinnamon smell. It mixes well, makes a good spicy men’s scent.

Marjoram Sweet – Nice, light version of Oregano. Haven’t used it yet.

Mugwort – OMG! I love Mugwort. It would be a dangerous addition to a women’s perfume mix.

Myrrh – It is nice in a blend. I don’t like it much alone. Gotta have it for the spiritual aspects.

Neroli – Fantastic – VERY Concentrated smell. I think a 10% mix would do fine for most uses.

Niaouli – Yuck this stinks. This is medicine, don’t use as perfume, but buy it any way.

Oakmoss – I had to know. It smells like a memory. Snag a smell some from someone you know.

Origanum – Oregano – Smells good (hey, I am Italian!). If used neat on skin, it will peal it right off

            as fast as an acid etch!

Orange Sweet – Orange peel smell. Mix this with Patchouli. Heaven!

Palmarosa – I have smelled this before, I can’t describe it.

Patchouli – Yes, I like it. I like it a lot. It turns my head when I smell it.

Peru Balsm – Nice honey vanilla. Smells different on.

Peppermint – Oh Heck yea, I love peppermint. So up lifting!

Ravensara – Kicks a little cold virus butt! Not a great smell.

Rosemary Spanish – Bright Uplifting, Smells a little pine like to me.

Rosewood Indian – Nice balancing smell, fixes the Tea Tree or Niaouli smell in blends.

Sage Dalmatian – Like Clary Sage mixed with Mugwort. I bet you guessed I like it.

Sandalwood Australian – Smells like an old wooden box. Not bad or good. Good base for blends.

Scotch Pine – Smells like a tree, but isn’t so sticky.

Spearmint – Smells good, I want to drink it, makes my mouth water. OMG, too strong, don’t taste

it straight up, needs sugar and perhaps vodka.

Spruce – Now that is a Christmas tree smell!

Tangerine – Nice, like a subtle orange or just like tangerine (imagine that).

Tea Tree – Stinks like old paint thinner. I will never be without it. Buy it.

Vetiver – Smells like old leather shoe laces, or wet charred leather (why do I know that?).

Ylang Ylang – Rich and floral, it is a “resistance is futile” kind of smell.



Thieves by Young Living – Clove and Cinnamon smelling – Good disinfectant diffusion.

Peace & Calming by Young Living – Orange Patchouli Ylang Ylang – You know I love it!

Sandalwood & Frankincense & Myrrh & Juniper Berry in Sweet Almond oil. This is my attempt to duplicate YL’s 3 Wise Men. I love the smell of this mix.

Lavender & Ylang Ylany & Clary Sage & Mugwort in Sweet Almond oil. Oh! Yea! Come to papa!

Sandalwood & Jasmine and Benzoin & Mace & Mugwort in Sweet Almond oil. This is an adaptation on a flying ointment recipe. I like the way it smells, I couldn’t get the benzoin into a stable solution though. It needs to be shook up to use.

Cold Virus Butt Kicker Blend, by Lou.

10 drops of Lavender, 5 drops of Niaouli or Tea Tree, 5 Drops of Peppermint Eucalyptus, 5 drops of Ravensara, 5 drops of lemon, 2 or 3 drops of Clary Sage (this is a season to taste step), and 2 drops of Rosewood. The Rosewood and Clary sage help balance out the Niaouli / Tea Tree and Ravensara. It worked great for me.


Other tips and tricks

Those little trays that artist use to mix water colors (arts and crafts isle at WalMart) make cool little experimentation trays.You mix just a few drops to see if it is nice or smells like rotting feet. Saves wasting a lot of oils for no good results.

A bunch of small glass eye droppers are a must.

Big plastic droppers are good for carrier oil handling.

Most oils smell better thinned down in a carrier oil than they do right in the bottle. Example, 1 drop of Neroli in a teaspoon of carrier oil will make a very strong orange blossom smell. Just a couple drops of the resulting mix would be about the right on body use. Otherwise it is overpowering.

Don’t believe everything you read or hear.

Don’t use oils straight (well, I do with some but I would catch HE - double Hocky Sticks from many for doing so). Straight application of Oregano oil to a mole does a chemical peel. Kills the outer layers of skin in about 12 hours. There are many others as bad or worse than that.

Well, I guess that is it for now.

This was a bit longer than I originally thought it would be, but was fun to do.

Good luck with your journey into Essential Oils. Be sure to share any cool mixes you discover.