This is a Pollard Industries SYNDRUM that I recently purchased used. It is a

1970's vintage pad. The mesh head is made of Kevlar fabric. It is not coated like

marching drum head is, it is just kevlar fabric.


Bottom view. The base and drum shell are one piece (white) and screw into

the hoop piece (clear).


Here is the shell unscrewed from the hoop. You can see the threads at the

bottom of the shell.

Here is the shell with the head removed. The sensor (speaker) is mounted to

a support member made of masonite, the support member is supported by the

shell (interesting) The speaker is 4 inches. The holes are 1 1/4 inch.


The sensor support removed from the shell. The foam is a bit old..

The foam that damps the head, was stuck to the head so I didn't try to

 remove it. It looks to be 1/2 inch gray poly foam. Standard stuff.


The head, side view.


That is it.