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This is the best E-Drum I have played on so far.


Top View of the pad, head installed. The head is made by Remo for Yamaha.

Showing the thickness of the top foam layer 5mm thick. The layer of 10 mm thick gray, energy absorbing slow response foam is visible.

Bottom view showing plastic cover plate. Also visible are two adjusting pots, one for center one for rim.

Shows mounting the plate with rubber isolation blocks of  ~ 10mm thickness. An edge of the rim trigger is visible in the upper left.

Top view of pad head removed, showing top layer of foam. Foam protrudes above the bearing edge by 2 - 2.5 mm.

Gray foam has been removed, and the top of the 2mm thick aluminum "reflection" plate is visible.

Plastic cover removed. Main Trigger, Circuit board, Rim Trigger (lower left at 8:00) are showing.

Shows the rim trigger mounting. The block is 5mm thick rubber with adhesive on both sides.