Jerry's Original's.

(J. D. Wilson)

 Drum Making Designs just for You.

I am so sorry to say we lost our friend Jerry this year 2015. I am very sad.

His pages are still the most popular on my site so thy are staying.

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Steam Bent Shell Mold

Steam bent Shell Mold Sheet 1


Stave Drum Router Fixture


Router Fixture for Stave Drums Sheet 1

Router Fixture for Stave Drums Sheet 2

Router Fixture for Stave Drums Sheet 3

Stave Drum Illustrations

13 inch 30 stave Design

14 inch 24 stave Design

14 inch 36 stave Design

Drum Lug Designs

Bass Drum Lug

Snare Drum Lug

Tom Drum Lug

Channel Tom Lug

More Drum Tooling Fixtures

Saw Fixture

Saw Fixture For Beds

Drum Holding Fixture

Expanding Attachment For Holding Fixture

Simple Router Table

Drum Rack Designs

Adjustable Rack Clamp

Rack Bars and Legs

Center Rack Clamp

End Rack Clamp

Rack T Leg

Tom Arm Clamp_1

Tom Arm Clamp_2

Bearing Edges and Snare Beds

Bearing Edge Examples

Snare Bed Examples